AIAA-ASC Starnes Award


AIAA-ASC James H. Starnes Jr. Award AIAA-ASC Starnes Award​

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the American Society for Composites announce a joint-society award in honor of the late Dr. James H. Starnes, Jr. of the NASA Langley Research Center.  
This award was established to foster and recognize the values that Jim Starnes treasured and inspired, and that his friends and colleagues admired, namely leadership and extraordinary participation in the profession consisting of 

  1. continued significant contribution to, and demonstrated promotion of, the field of structural mechanics over an extended period of time emphasizing practical solutions high professionalism 
  2. strong mentoring of and influence on colleagues, especially younger colleagues 
  3. contributions to high-level boards, committees, investigations, and other such activities
The award, given quadrennially in odd-numbered years, is presented at the AIAA SciTech Forum, in January.  The first award was given in 2009.  The award consists of an engraved bronze medal, a certificate of citation and a $4,000 USD cash prize.
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Recipients of the AIAA-ASC James H. Starnes Jr. Award

Dr. David Bushnell
Lockheed Martin Corporation (retired)
Citation: For pioneering contributions to the analysis and design of thin-shell structures and enduring leadership in the application and preservation of that knowledge for future generations

Dr. Anthony Waas
University of Washington
Citation: For impactful contributions to experimental, analytical and computational aspects of composite structural mechanics, commitment to mentoring the next generation, and service to the field.

Dr. Michael W. Hyer
Virginia Tech
Citation: For a distinguished career advancing composite structures, serving and promoting the profession, and nurturing the next generation of researchers.

Dr. Keith Kedward
Univ. of California. Santa Barbara
Citation: For his lifelong contributions in the field of composite structural mechanics and his devotion to the mentoring of students and colleagues.

Dr. Chin-Teh Sun
Purdue University

Citation: For four decades of unparalleled contributions in composite materials research, scholarly publications, and professional activities, as well as mentoring of students.

Dr. Raphael T. Haftka
University of Florida

Citation: For pioneering work on optimization techniques for composite structures, his mentoring of countless undergraduate and graduate students, and his exemplary service to the profession.