Analysis and Testing

The Analysis and Testing Division (ATD) is concerned with the understanding of physical phenomena associated with the performance of composite materials and structures and the application of this understanding to the development of engineering methods. Examples include:

  • Mechanics and multiscale mechanics of composites and multi-functional composites
  • Development and support of standardization of test methods.
  • Standardization of analysis and simulation tools. 
Division Activities:
  • Solicit papers in the area of analysis and testing of composite materials and structures.  
  • Evaluate papers nominated by the session chairs of ATD and recommend one or two papers for the ASC Best Paper Award.
  • Host the annual division meeting during the ASC Technical Conference.
  • Facilitate discussion regarding future session topics.
  • Facilitate collaborations between industry and academia through networking opportunities at special sessions and division meetings.
For suggestions and questions regarding the ATD, please contact the division chair.
Chair: Dr. Vipul Ranatunga

Trenton Ricks 
Dianyun Zhang
Jim Roach
Mark Pankow
Chao Chang
Behrad Koohbor
Stephen Clay
Xinran Xiao
Brian Werner
Rani Sullivan
Liangka Ma