ASC Best Paper Award

For the best paper within individual divisions at an ASC Technical Conference. Each year's Best Paper Awards are announced at the following year's technical conference. Click here for more information about this award

13th Technical Conference, 1998
Applications Division
"Composite Materials for Future Ship Applications"
E.T. Camponeschi

Functional Composites Division
"Structural Integrity of Quasi-Isotropic Composite Laminates with Embedded Optical Fibers"
A. Skontorp

High Temperature Composites Division
"Carbon-Carbon Composite Radiator Development for the EO-1 Spacecraft"
W.L. Vaughn, E. Shinn, S. Rawal, and J.M. Wright

Polymer Matrix Composites Division
"Development of Smart Layer for Built-in Diagnostics for Composite Materials"
M. Lin and F.-K. Chang

14th Technical Conference, 1999
Applications Division
"Damage Tolerance and Repair of GFRP Warships"
D.M. Elliot and R.S. Trask

Environmental Effects Division
"E-Glass Fiber Composites for Use in Civil Infrastructure"
S. Zhang and V.M. Karbhari

Polymer Matrix Composites Division (2 Awards)
"High-Order Plate Formulation for the Modeling of Multiple Layer Sandwich Type Structures"
O.T. Thomsen

"Fiber-Matrix Adhesion between Carbon Fiber and Epoxy Matrices in E-Beam Processed Composites"
L.T. Drzal, M.J. Rich, and E.K. Drown

15th Technical Conference, 2000
Applications Division
"PNGV Hybrid Material Automotive Body Structure Development"
J. Prsa

Environmental Effects Division
"Critical Structure-Property-Processing Parameters and the Effect of Thermal History on the Performance of Polyimide and Bismaleimide Composite Matrices"
J.E. Lincoln, R.J. Morgan, E.E. Shin

Polymer Matrix Composites Division (3 Awards)
"Nonlinear Constitutive Model for High Strain Rate Response in Polymeric Composites"
J. Tsai and C.T. Sun

"Fatigue Damage Mechanism Characterization and Modeling of a Woven Graphite/Epoxy Composite"
R.A. Naik, S.R. Patel and S.W. Case

"Development of Isotropic Residual Stresses During Termoset Cure: Effects of Cure History and Resin Properties"
S.L. Simon and G.B. McKenna

16th Technical Conference, 2001
Applications Division
"Actuated Composite Structures for Space Applications"
M.B. Miller, C. Bell, R. Clark, P. Furrow, and M. Hyer

Environmental Effects Division
"Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure on Vinyl Ester Matrix Resins: Chemical and Mechanical Characterization"
W. Signor and J.W. Chin

Functional Composites Division
"Structural Health Monitoring in Composite Materials Using Lamb Wave Method"
S.S. Kessler, S.M. Spearing, and C. Soutis

Polymer Matrix Composites Division (3 Awards)
"Concurrent Enhancement of Various Materials Properties in Polymer/Clay Nanocomposites"
E. Manias

"Failure Modes of Composite Sandwich Beams Under Low Velocity Impact"
J.L. Abot and I.M. Daniel

"Autonomic Healing of Polymer Composites"
S.R. White, P.H. Geubelle, N.R. Sottos, E.N. Brown, J.S. Moore, and M. Kessler

17th Technical Conference, 2002
"A Modified Analytical Model for Damage Propagation of a Low-Velocity Impacted Sandwich Panel"
Z.-H. Xie and A.J. Vizzini

"Microcapsule Induced Toughening in a Self-Healing Polymer Composite"
E.N. Brown, N.R. Sottos, and S.R. White

"A Combined Experimental-Numerical Investigation of Crack Growth in C-C Composites"
J. Han and T. Siegmund

18th Technical Conference, 2003
"Composite Patch Repair Optimization under Uncertain Loading"
J. Hansen and G. Renaud

"Measurement of Void Content in Composites Through Image Analysis"
J.M. Bayldon, P.M. Schubel, and I.M. Daniel

19th Technical Conference, 2004
"Composite Design and Manufacture of the Swift Toyota Atlantic Race Car"
N. Roberts, T. Huschilt, D. McLarty, C. Norris

20th Technical Conference, 2005
"Electrospinning of Submicron Polyacrylonitrile Fibers Containing Vapor Grown Carbon Nanofibers"
H. Lam, F.K. Ko, H.H. Ye, and Y. Gogotsi

21st Technical Conference, 2006
"A Study of Impact Response of Electrified Organic matrix Composite"
Robert L. Sierakowski, Igor Y. Telichev, and Olesya I. Zhupanska

"3D Mixed-Mode Delamination Fracture Criteria - An Experimentalist's Perspective"
James R. Reeder

22nd Technical Conference, 2007
"An Approach for Assessing Delamination Propagation Capabilities in Commercial Finite Element"
Ronald Krueger

23rd Technical Conference, 2008
"Nanostructure/Strain-resistance in Nanolaminates Containing Carbon Nanofibers and Carbon Nanotubes"
Merriner Merrill and C. T. Sun

24th Technical Conference, 2009
"Impact, Damage and Penetration Modeling of Thick-Section Composites Using LS-Dyna Mat162"
Bazzle A. Gama, Travis A. Bogetti, and John W. Gillespie, Jr.

25th Technical Conference, 2010
"Moisture and Pressure Effects on Void Formation in Prepreg Processed Composites"
L. Grunenfelder and S. Nutt

26th Technical Conference, 2011
"The Effect of Material and Process Parameters on Tow Impregnation and Micro-Void Formation in Out-of-Autoclave Prepregs"
Pascal Hubert and Mr. Timotei Centea

27th Technical Conference, 2012
"Monitoring and Control of Resin Flow/Temperature using Multifunctional Interdigital Electrode Array Film during VaRTM"
Roysuke Matsuzaki Seji Kobayashi, Akira Todoroki, and Yoshihiro Mituzutani

"Effects of Carbon Nanotube Buckypaper Layers on the Electrical Response of IM7/977-3 Composite Laminates"
Christopher Hill,Yeqing Wang, and Olesya Zhupanska

28th Technical Conference, 2013
"Methods for Assessing Interlaminar Tensile Properties in Composite Materials"
Dr. Andrew Makeev, Dr. Yuri Nikishkov, Dr. Guillaume Seon, and Dr. Erian Armanios

29th Technical Conference, 2014
"Strength and Failure Modes of Thick-Adhseive Bonded Joints of Glass Fabric/Vinyl Ester Composite Laminates"
B.W. Cole, L. Li, and S.S. Wang

30th Technical Conference, 2015
"An Enriched Shell Element for Delamination Simulation in Composite Laminates"
M. McElroy

31st Technical Conference, 2016
"Modeling Fatigue Damage Onset and Progression in Composites Using an Element-Based Virtual Crack Closure Technique Combined with the Floating Node Method"
N. V. De Carvalho, and R. Krueger

"A Biaxial-Bending Test to Observe the Growth of Interacting Delaminations in a Composite Laminate Plate"
M. McElroy, W. Jackson, and M. Pankow

32nd Technical Conference, 2017
"In-Situ observations of Longitudinal Compression damage in Carbon-Epoxy Cross-Ply Laminates using Fast Synchrotron Radiation Computed tomography"
A. Bergan, S. Garcea

33rd Technical Conference, 2018
"Discrete Damage Modeling for a Transverse Compression Experimenta of a Polymer Matrix Composite"
M. Flores, N. Sesar, B. Wheeler, A. Sharits, D. Mollenhauer

34th Technical Conference, 2019
Damage Analysis of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer and Titanium Adhesive Joints
I.J. Kaiser, K.T. Tan

35th Technical Conference, 2020
Understanding Variability in Mechanical Behavior of Adhesively Bonded Sandwich Joints due to Stochastic Material Damage
R. Larson, A. Bergan, F. Leone, A.G. Kravchenko

36th Technical Conference, 2021
Impact Damage Detection Limits of Microwave NDE Technique for Polymer Composites
K. Berkowitz, R. Guha, O. Idolor, M. Pankow, L. Grace

37th Technical Conference, 2022
A Textile Architecture-Based Discrete Modeling Approach for Fabric Draping Simulations
Q. Wei, D. Zhang