Emerging Composites


The main goal of the Emerging Composite Technologies Division (ECTD) is to serve as a focal point for new developments in composites and provide an interactive forum to communicate technical information. 

Areas of interest to ECTD may include:

  • Nanotechnology - materials, mechanics, nano-reinforcements and composites
  • New fibers, resins, product forms
  • New technologies for damage tolerant composites
  • Sensory technology for health monitoring
  • Multifunctional materials - smart materials
  • New sandwich materials - foams and honeycomb 
  • Advanced composites in wind energy
  • Advanced composites in urban air mobility systems
  • Cosponsored items - new test methods, new analysis techniques, and new processes.

Division Activities:

  • Solicit papers in the emerging areas of composite research and host special sessions. 
  • Evaluate the papers nominated by the session chairs of ECTD and recommend one or two papers for the ASC Best Paper Award. 
  • Host the annual division meeting during the ASC Technical Conference. 
  • Facilitate discussion regarding future session topics.
  • Organize new sessions at the ASC technical conference.
  • Facilitate collaborations between industry and academia through networking opportunities at special sessions and division meetings. 
  • If called upon, provide support to organizing committee of ASC technical meetings.

For suggestions and questions regarding the ECTD, please contact the division chair.

Chair: Prof. Samit Roy

Email: sroy@eng.ua.edu

Amir Asadi
Antonio Avila
Sanjib Chowdhuay
Hyonny Kim
Leighton LeBoeuf
Ozden Ochoa
Pavana Prabhakar
Ajit Roy
Amir Sohrabi
K.T. Tan
Mehran Tehrani

Sonia Travaglini
Vinu Unnikrishnan
Olesya Zhupanska