Emerging Composites


The main goal of the Emerging Composite Technologies Division (ECTD) is to serve as a focal point for new developments in composites and provide an interactive forum to communicate technical information. 

Areas of interest to ECTD may include:

  • Nanotechnology - materials, mechanics, nano-reinforcements and composites
  • New fibers, resins, product forms
  • New technologies for damage tolerant composites
  • Sensory technology for health monitoring
  • Multifunctional materials - smart materials
  • New sandwich materials - foams and honeycomb 
  • Advanced composites in wind energy
  • Cosponsored items - new test methods, new analysis techniques, and new processes.

Division Activities:

  • Solicit papers in the emerging areas of composite research and host special sessions. 
  • Evaluate the papers nominated by the session chairs and recommend one or two papers for the ASC Best Paper Award. 
  • Host the annual division meeting during the ASC Technical Conference. In general, this meeting takes place on Tuesday right after the sessions are over. Please check the agenda for the exact meeting time and location. 
  • Facilitate technology introduction through invited speakers at the division meeting. 
  • Facilitate collaborations between industry and academia through networking opportunities at special sessions and division meetings. 

If you have any specific questions related to this technical division, looking for networking opportunities, or have any suggestions for the division activities, please do not hesitate to contact the division chair.

Chair: Prof. Pavana Prabhakar
Email: pavana.prabhakar@wisc.edu

Hyonny Kim
Amir Asadi
Ozden Ochoa
Ajit Roy
Sonia Travaglini
K.T. Tan
Leighton LeBoeuf
Sanjib Chowdhuay
Samit Roy
Antonio Avila
Vinu Unnikrishnan
Anubhav Roy
Olesya Zhupanska
Amir Sohrabi
Mehran Tehrani
Pavana Prabhakar