C.T. Sun Medal

In honor of CT Sun, a world leader in mechanics of composite materials, this award is presented to 
•     Recognize continued distinguished contribution to, and demonstrated promotion of, the field of mechanics of composite materials over an extended period of time emphasizing high impact engineering solutions
•     Acknowledge high professionalism 
•     Acknowledge the strong mentoring of and influence on colleagues, especially early career colleagues


The Award is presented to foster and recognize the values that CT Sun treasured and inspired, and that his friends and colleagues admired, namely leadership in the profession consisting of
•     Excellence in mechanics of composite materials research
•     Excellence in mechanics of composite materials education 
•     Mentoring of colleagues, especially early career colleagues
To be eligible for the medal, the nominees must be characterized by
•      Demonstrated preeminence in the mechanics of composite materials
•      Continued distinguished contributions to, and demonstrated promotion of, the field of mechanics of composite materials over an extended period of time emphasizing practical solutions 
•      Acknowledged high professionalism
•      Acknowledged strong mentoring of and influence on colleagues
The nominees for the Award will be judged on the four eligibility criteria listed above.
CT Sun Medal Selection Committee members are ineligible for the award during their service on the committee. No other eligibility restrictions for the award nominees will be enforced.

3.1 Nomination Procedure and Nomination Packet
All nominations must be submitted to the ASC Vice President by the nomination deadline of March 1st of the year of the award presentation. This deadline may be adjusted in future years by the Selection Committee. 
Nominators shall be current members of ASC. A complete nomination consists of 
•     A signed cover letter with the names, addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses of the nominator and co-nominators. 
•     A signed nomination letter summarizing the accomplishments of the nominee.
•     A resume of the nominee.
•     At least three, but not more than five, signed co-nominator supporting letters. 
The preferred form of the nomination package is electronic pdf (portable document format) files with embedded electronic signatures to permit rapid distribution of the packages by email to the Selection Committee members. All parts of the nomination package must be in English. Receipt of nomination packages will be promptly acknowledged via email by the ASC Vice President. Nominations that are not selected will carry-over for additional consideration one time, and may be updated with pertinent, new information for the second award consideration. If the candidate is to be considered for a third time, a new nomination package must be submitted. 
3.2 Election Procedure 
The Selection Committee shall consist of five members, each a past CT Sun Medal winner. The ASC Executive Committee will appoint the Selection Committee. In the early years of the award, when there are not enough past medal winners, ASC Executive Committee will appoint the rest of members. ASC Vice President will serve as the chair of the Selection Committee. 
Anyone who has nominated a candidate for the award or who has written a supporting letter for a nomination is ineligible to serve on the Selection Committee, i.e., it is not possible for someone to merely state ineligibility to vote on an individual they have nominated or for whom they have written a supporting letter—such people cannot serve at all in order to ensure that no bias exists and that all five members can vote on all candidates. Selection Committee members are not eligible for the award during their term of service on the committee.
The recipient will be selected from a pool of at least one nominee by the Selection Committee. The goal for the award is quality of the recipient, not quantity of nominations.
The Selection Committee is permitted to decline to make the award if none of the nominees are judged worthy.

The Chair of the Selection Committee shall forward the name of the award recipient to the Executive Committee for approval 

The Selection Committee shall prepare a final citation of not more than 25 words stating the reason for the award.
The CT Sun Medal, given every four years, is to be presented at the ASC Annual Technical Conference.

Dr. C.T. Sun 

Dr. Anthony Waas
University of Michigan