Design and Manufacturing


The Design and Manufacturing (DM) Division focuses on scientific and technological challenges in manufacturing and processing composite materials, developing strategies to overcome these challenges, and providing a forum for interaction between researchers and practitioners. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Advanced manufacturing techniques for
    • continuous and discontinuous fiber reinforced composites
    • particle-filled composites and nanocomposites
    • smart composites including self-healing or health monitoring capabilities 
    • multi-functional composites
  • Green and environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques 
  • Design for automated and additive manufacturing
Division Activities:
  • Solicit papers in the area of Design and Manufacturing of composite materials and structures.  
  • Evaluate papers nominated by the session chairs of DM and recommend one or two papers for the ASC Best Paper Award.
  • Host the annual division meeting during the ASC Technical Conference.
  • Facilitate discussion regarding future session topics.
  • Organize new sessions at the ASC technical conference.
  • Facilitate collaborations between industry and academia through networking opportunities at special sessions and division meetings.
  • Chair the Solvay Award committee
  • If called upon, provide support to the organizing committee of ASC technical meetings.

For suggestions and questions regarding the DM, please contact the division chair.
Chair: Dr. Mehran Tehrani