Guidelines For ASC Conferences

1.0 Introduction

The present document provides guidelines to follow in order to run ASC conferences effectively and efficiently. It is absolutely essential that these conferences present a first-class image of ASC. Because these guidelines are the expressed standards of ASC, no changes shall be made without the knowledge and approval of ASC Executive Committee.

2.0 Guidelines for Conduct of Technical Sessions

2.1 Session Organizer

2.1.1. Parallel sessions are a given, but they must be effective.

2.1.2. Sessions ending later than 5 pm are highly discouraged. A reasonable break is required before any evening events.

2.1.3. If government speakers are to present, for example, an army view of research, then they are responsible for coordinating the position of all pertinent army organizations. The parochial view of one agency or office is not enough.

2.2 Session Chair

2.2.1. Absolute adherence to the published program is essential. People attend to hear certain papers, not the whole session, so the conference must be presented exactly as advertised.

2.2.2. Rigorous adherence to the schedule is essential. Timing is everything.

2.2.3. If a presenter is not available when his presentation is scheduled, the session must be dismissed until the next presentation is due to start. Do not begin any presentation until the scheduled time. Leave a gap in the program instead.

3.0 Guidelines for Preparation of Presentation Material
  1. Use 35-mm slides or good-quality transparencies only. Ensure transparencies have good resolution and definition.
  2. Prepare slides/transparencies with the long dimension horizontal to keep the largest image on the screen at all times.
  3. Colored-background slides/transparencies are preferable, but black and white slides/transparencies are acceptable.
  4. Prepare high-quality artwork: no hand-drawn or hand-lettered slides.
  5. Make slide information as simple as possible.
  6. Don't use abbreviations with an international audience.
  7. Concentrate on your general procedure and the useful results in the short presentation. (Omit all derivations and complicated equations to conserve time and avoid confusion).
  8. Include at least one summary slide.
  9. Talk slowly and distinctly.
  10. Practice your presentation until you come within the time limit.
  11. The absolute time limit is 15 minutes. Do not intrude upon the five-minute discussion period for additional presentation time. The number of slides must be about 15.

4.0 Guidelines for Conduct of Banquets

4.1 Dinner

The banquet serves as a formal event for presentation of the Society awards. Thus, the food needs not be formal, but a sit-down dinner is appropriate in order to gather attendees' attention for the award presentations.

4.2 After-Dinner Speech

The after-dinner speaker must not be the least bit technical. The audience has already had a day full of technical discussions, so a change of pace is essential. Thus, a humorous, historic talk with a short message is appropriate.