Membership Benefits

Individual Members

  • Networking and fellowship with other composites scientists and engineers
  • Opportunity to serve for the composites community
  • Reduced registration fees to ASC Technical Conferences and ASC co-sponsored conferences
  • Opportunity to be recognized as Society Fellows
  • Eligibility for ASC Outstanding Research Award and Technomic Outstanding Service Award
  • 15% discount on any item included in DesTech's Composite Materials Publications and Software Catalog (personal purchases only)
  • Participation in Technical Divisions
  • Free listing, if wanted, in Positions Wanted and Positions Available pages at ASC WWW site
  • Listing of composites activities in "Composites World" page at ASC WWW site

Additional Benefits for Corporate Members
  • Listing in Corporate Member Profiles page of ASC WWW
  • Member benefits for up to two representatives​