Selection Criteria For Conference Site

1.0 Introduction

The American Society for Composites holds a Technical Conference every year usually in the fall. The conference also serves as the venue for the Society's annual membership meeting. The present document sets forth a set of recommended criteria for selecting the conference site.

2.0 Host Organizations

2.1 Host Organizations

Proposals to host the Technical Conference, hereafter called the conference, shall be solicited from prospective organizations. Proposals shall include a cost estimate. Selection shall be made at least 2 years before the planned date of the conference. More than one organization may host the conference.

2.1 Conference Chair

The conference chair shall be a current ASC member. In addition, he or she shall have a sound professional reputation and experience in organizing/conducting national meetings. The conference chair shall be affiliated with the host organization(s) and shall periodically inform the Executive Committee of the progress.

2.2 Technical Program

The conference chair is responsible for the planning and organization of the technical program.

2.3 Local Arrangements

The local arrangements shall be handled by the host organization. The host organization shall provide at least one person to assist with registration on the first evening and morning of the conference.

3.0 Location

3.1 Air & Ground Transportation

Major airlines must serve the city where the conference will take place. In addition, local ground transportation must be available from the airport to the conference site.

3.2 Composites Activities

There shall be strong composites activities in the area near the conference site. Local plant and/or laboratory tours shall be available within a reasonable distance from the conference site.

3.3 Tourist Attractions

A desirable location shall have a good listing of local tourist attractions and local restaurants.

4.0 Facilities

4.1 Planning

The conference chair shall coordinate the local arrangements with ASC.

4.2 Amenities

The conference facility shall provide a Macintosh computer (so that the attendees list can be completed), onsite photocopy services, and a secure place to store roughly 50 boxes of conference proceedings during the meeting.

4.3 Meeting Rooms

There shall be a minimum of three (3) meeting rooms, each with 100 person capacity, available for simultaneous use. In addition, a room large enough to hold 300 attendees shall be available for the morning of the first day. For convenience, it is preferable to have said meeting rooms on the same floor. Finally, there shall be no extra room charges for breaks and the banquet.

4.4 Proximity

Lodging must be close (i.e., within walking distance) to the conference facility. If the conference facility is not at a hotel, ground transportation shall be provided both ways for attendees.

4.5 Block Reservation

A block of at least 200 rooms shall be available in close proximity of the conference facility.

4.6 Room Rates

When choosing the conference facility, it shall be determined whether or not conference and/or government room rates are available to ASC attendees.

4.7 Additional Lodging

In addition to the aforementioned hotel arrangements, economy-priced hotels shall be made available to attendees.

4.8 Banquet and Meals

The conference facility shall have a banquet room large enough to accommodate a minimum of 300 attendees. In addition, mid-morning and afternoon refreshments shall be served outside of the meeting rooms.

4.9 Restaurants

The conference site's immediate area shall have enough restaurants to accommodate a minimum of 300 attendees. The host organization shall provide a listing of local restaurants and cost ranges.

5.0 Budget

5.1 Local Fiscal Agent

The host organization shall submit a detailed budget by 9 months prior to the conference date. Full financial risk may be assumed by ASC if a signed contract is made and if ASC handles all funds. Otherwise, financial risk may be shared between ASC and the local host (in accordance with an agreed upon contract between ASC and the local host). A complete financial statement for the conference shall be submitted to the ASC Treasurer, and all expenses shall be payable within six months after the conference is completed.

5.2 Registration Fees

The registration fees shall be determined by ASC. The fees shall cover the following:

Refreshments every day 
Membership dues

5.3. Profit Sharing Policy

Upon completion of the conference and payment of all conference expenses, 20% of any profits, excluding membership dues collected as part of the registration fee, may be retained by or returned to the host institution (in accordance with an agreed upon contract).

6.0 Schedule

The following schedule is recommended.

24 months before conference - Announcement for Conference Site
17 months before conference - First Call for Papers
12 months before conference - Second Call for Papers
8 months before conference - Abstracts Due
7 months before conference - Notice of Acceptance
4 months before conference - Full Papers Due
1 months before conference - Advance Registration