Solvay Student Paper Award

The American Society for Composites (ASC) Annual Technical Conference has for many years provided a communication forum for the engineering and scientific community in composite materials and promoted the growth of knowledge from interdisciplinary engineering and scientific research in composite materials. This conference provides excellent opportunities for younger researchers, in particular university students, to present their research. Student presentations of their research provide an opportunity to interact with students and researchers from other universities, researchers from government laboratories, private industry, ASC Members and Fellows, and other technical experts. It provides the students with a forum of knowledgeable technical critique and opens the door for productive social and technical dialogue. Such discussions are the foundation for the development of new ideas, new understanding, and knowledge. University students represent the next generation of practicing engineers, university professors, authorities in the technology areas of their graduate studies, and leaders of our country. The ASC encourages the professional development of university engineering students by their participation at technical conferences. To that end, the ASC supports a student paper award named the “Solvay Award for the Best Student Paper in Composites,” to be presented annually at the ASC Conference.