Student Simulation Competition

ASC Student Simulation Challenge problems are posted annually. 

Challenge for 2023

The American Society for Composites (ASC) supports annual ASC Student Simulation Challenge Competition. This year challenge is focused on Design a manufacturable composite sling-less catapult arm to launch a blueberry

All students with ASC membership are eligible to participate. Teams from within and across universities are encouraged to register for the challenge.

First prize - $1000, second prize - $500.


For more detailed information on the challenge, please click here.

The Chair of the 2023 ASC Student Simulation Challenge Competition is Prof. Endel Iarve, University of Texas at Arlington.


1st - Subramani Sockalingam and Raja Ganesh - Univ. of Deleware 
2nd - Mahdi Salavatian, Washington State University

1st - Chris Cater - Michigan State University
2nd - Subramani Sockalingam and Raja Ganesh - Univ. of Deleware

1st - Robert Hart - University of Iowa
2nd - Zohreh Asaee - Dalhouise University

1st - M. Ravandi, M.R. Abir and A.K. Singh - National University of Singapore
2nd - R.Ganesh, S. Doshi and S. Tamarakar - University of Delaware

1st - N. Arbabi, S. Fahimi - University of British Columbia

1st - Karan Shah, Karan Kodagali and Sreehari Rajan - University of South Carolina

1st - H. Feng, S. Subramaniyan, H. Tewani, G. Yan - University of Wisconsin-Madison
2nd - S. Raghu, M. Al-fahdi - Univesrity of South Carolina
3rd - T. Lavaggi, M. Samizdeh - University of Delaware

1st - S. Pantoja, P. Lototsky, N. Williams, L. Woo, C. Hernandez, K. Baishkiya, L. Lopez, A. Higuchi, T. Li, J. Clark, L. Ou, D.P. Perez, C. Miller, N. Casey, M. Nolle, M. Tran, W. Hu
University of Southern California