ASC Sustainable Composite Design Competition

The American Society for Composites is pleased to announce the kickoff of the ASC Sustainable Composite Design Competition with a panel discussion of industry experts. 
Composites Design for Sustainable Future
A Virtual Panel Discussion
Moderator: P George, The Boeing Company
September 26, 2022 @ 10 AM US/EDT (7 AM PDT)
Panel Members
B Avery, Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company (Retired)
J Meegan, Associate Tech Fellow, Solvay Composite Materials
F Barnes, Managing Director, Gen2 Carbon Fiber
D Walter, CEO Composites Recycling Technology Center
I Kitano, Chief Advanced Development Officer of Composites Business Unit, Teijin Ltd.

An email  with a meeting link was sent to all the members. If you have not received it, please use this form to register to attend the  panel discussion:

2023 ASC Sustainable Composite Design Competition

The Challenge
Design a Renewable Power Generation System (RPGS) for a temporary small tent/cabin at a remote location suffering from a climate and/or a geo-political disaster such as temporary relocation due to fires, floods, migration, civil unrest, or war. 
The Prize
 $1000 to the Winner

  • Design a system that delivers >= 400 Watts; operates for >= 100 days, and maximizes the power/weight ratio
  • Demonstrate that the components have cradle-to-cradle circular sustainability
  • Estimate the carbon footprint reduced through the circularity of the composites in the designed system. 
Metrics for Design Evaluation
  • Conceptual Design for proposed RPGS 
  • Preliminary Design of the RPGS and all the essential components to meet the requirements
    • Materials:Fiber reinforced polymer composite materials from sustainable and recycled streams
  • Service Loads and Stress analysis
  • Manufacturing and Cost Considerations
  • Open to all ASC members
  • Team size between 3-6 persons; Interdisciplinary teams that bring together the best of Engineering Design, Social Sciences, and Industry representation are encouraged.
September 20, 2022  Competition Announcement** at 37th ASC  Technical Conferene
September 26, 2022 Panel Discussion on the Sustainable Composites in Circular Economy 
**Participants are encourage to form teams and brainstorm on solutions
January 1-31, 2023 Team Registration 
March  15, 2023  RPGS Conceptual Design Webinar* (teams introduce their RPGS concepts)
May 15, 2023 Submit e-Report* (3000 word Executive Summary plus max 20 pgs as support.}
.   *All submitted materials will be treated as Open Access resources 
June  15, 2023   Competition Winner Announcement