Sustainable Composite Design Competition

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Design a Renewable Power Generation System (RPGS) with recycled/reused/repurposed composites to be used remotely to provide power after disasters such as fires, floods, migration, civil unrest, or war. 

      [30 %] Design (i.e., specify geometries, materials, manufacturing, and performance) a robust, practical, and lightweight system that delivers >= 400 Watts (daily average); operates for at least 100 days; weight limited to 20 Kg. Emphasis will be on the innovative insertion of recycled/repurposed/reused composite materials into product designs, exploiting their retained properties after first or repeated use. Power output, durability of reused/recycled materials, and weight must be quantitatively estimated for the submitted design.

      [20 %] Demonstrate that the components have cradle-to-cradle circular sustainability. Identify feedstock sources, sustainability in manufacturing processes, and end-of-life recycle/reuse/re-purpose scenarios. 

      [30 %] Evaluate the carbon footprint (throughout the life cycle) of the input materials (feedstocks), manufacturing, and end-of-use processes.   Quantitative estimates, for example, by using tools like: will be required.

      [20 %] Articulate feasibility of worldwide deployment, and economic viability. Assuming a production volume, estimate the cost of materials, manufacturing, and market price. 

Teaming: Multi-disciplinary teams with 3-6 members. 60% or more of the team must be ASC members (i.e., 2 of 3, 3 of 4, 3 of 5, 4 of 6). ASC membership is $35 for professionals and $15 for students.

Prize: $1000 to the winning team. 

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2024 Competition Timeline

September 19, 2023

Competition Announcement at 38th ASC Technical Conference

January 1-31, 2024

Registration is now open:

January 18, 2024
12 Noon,
 Eastern (US & Canada)

Networking (virtual) Event for Teaming and Competition Q & A

February 29th 2024, 12 Noon US/Eastern

Workshop for Participants only. 

March 2024 

RPGS Conceptual Design Webinar* 
(Teams introduce their RPGS concepts)

May 15, 2024

Submit e-Report* (3000-word Executive Summary plus max 20 pages as support)

June 15, 2024

 Competition Winner Announcement

 *All submitted materials will be treated as open-access resources 

Judges:  William Avery (Formerly Boeing),   Frazer Barnes (Gen-2 Composites), Pete George (Boeing),  Ichiro Kitano (Teijin), Jonathan Meagan (Solvay), and David Walter (CRTC).

Advisors: Tia Benson Tolle (Boeing), Evan Pineda (NASA), Samit Roy (Univ. Alabama), Joseph Schaefer (Boeing), and  Mehran Tehrani (UCSD)

Organizers: Ozden Ochoa (Texas A & M), Kishore Pochiraju (Stevens Tech), Thomas Whitney (Univ. of Dayton)
and Kyriaki Kalaitzidou (Georgia Tech).

To contact, email to:  asc.competitions at gmail dot com